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Dheeraj the point isn’t whether there are women in each of these. The point is that the female participation is almost nil and more to the point the percentage participation hasn’t changed a whit in 50 years. I am QUITE familiar with occupation/gender/hour participation and growth as it is directly related to what I do. And we are not talking about China here are we; we are talking about American women *demanding* to participate in chosen, selected, cream-of-the-crop occupations because they can CHOOSE to do so. Spare me the “occupational hazards are compensated for” it is nonesense. 95% of workforce deaths happen to men who compensates them for that. They choose those jobs because they HAVE. TO. WORK. They have to work because it isn’t a right and never was; it is an obligation that all men have. There is no one coming along to pay the bills, lift them out of their social status, improve theirs standard of living except them. It isn’t a “phase” before they settle down, it isn’t a career chosen to give them personal satisfaction while a woman foots the bill, and it is not only an obligation for life, the selection of and success with a man chooses that job directly relates to his access to sex/love/marriage and children. Go do some research Dheeraj; women haven’t increased their participation in any of those occupations materially and the reason for that is they don’t. have. to. Because it is a “right work” not a “responsibility to work” and the expectations they have of men are exactly the same traditional males roles as they were before women eschewed their traditional roles. It is simply myopia (one might say toxic myopia). Heck in another of the lovely “life is so hard I am a woman” medium posts today, a woman who (according to her) wasted 25 years not exploring her potential warns young women about wasting time on MEN who haven’t maximized theirs. Because, according to her, “real men” are ones who won cars and boats and homes and support other people, the others are a waste of time. Not her for the 25 years she did not. Why? Because she is a woman and it isn’t and wasn’t ever her job or role to provide for anyone let alone herself. This is why we have to sit through televised rallys, look at nonsense mantras on buttons and read endless medium posts about how it isn’t fair women don’t makeup 50% of the CEOs. Hey I have an idea; when men make up 50% of the stay at home spouse, and get supported for for life, and get the home and the kid and the alimony while the female CEO sleeps on a couch in a hotel while she supports her ex-husband in the lifestyle he’s accustomed to, I’ll worry about why there aren’t 50% female CEOs. If you want the cream you have to take the skim too…

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