What is the Pay Gap and How Can We End It?
Justine Bunis

Fact: Women who work full-time jobs work on average 7.3 hours per day vs 8.4 for men, which is 86%.

Fact: Full-time working men are twice as likely to work 41+ hours and 60+ hours as full-time working women.

Fact: Full-time working women are twice as likely as full-time working men to work weeks between 30 and 35 hours.

Fact: Unmarried women earn 96% vs all men and 140% vs unmarried men.

Fact: Women in the 18–34 year group earn 90% of what men earn (despite working fewer hours as shown above)

These, again, do not even take into account apples to apples jobs, simply the entire full-time working men vs full-time working women workforce and demonstrate there is little to any ‘gender gap’ in pay.

Let’s remember whilst at it that for men work is not only an obligation, not a right or choice, but determines a) his standard of living since women do not marry down but up and b) his access to women in order to be able to have a family in the first place since his income not only limits his standard of living but his access to and odds of marrying a woman in the first place. No such pressures exist for women.

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