Gender equality in the USA is not helped by the fact that the majority of H1B visas go to men.

Go apply. I get a little sick and tired of the skimming of the cream for gender equality in the US. I’ll be happy to “commit” to 50% female CEOs and 50% IT departments if we also commit to 50% female delivery boys, miners, foresters, truck drives, fishermen,dock workers, haulers, security guards, rescue workers, cops, firemen,pavers,construction workers,sanitation workers, UPS drivers,warehouse workers and soliders and all the other menial dangerous jobs that men do because they *have to* which result in (still) 95% of workforce deaths being men. Lost in all this “not fair!” is that work is still considered a “right” by women, not an obligation, a choice to be made when it fits and man to accommodate any choice as men’s choices and the gender roles and obligations haven’t changed a whit (other than “leaning in”).

I’m all for Melinda Gates making data accessible and empowering women in societies where that is not the case, the US is certainly not one of those places and it is the ultimate in privileged white woman thinking to hijack an article about women in need to women decidedly not. Women not working in IT and women not contributing to Wikipedia is assuredly not an example of “sexism” in the US.

The reply reminds me of the classic liberal technique of using “the poor and the hungry” to get votes and policies and then the ensuing mad scramble by the middle-class for those benefits since that was the real point all along. Just let the damn woman help the women she refers to in the article, that was her point, not legislation forcing US companies to address the “inequality” of women in IT. FYI we don’t have a “STEM” issue in this country, the points girls lag behind in STEM in school is dwarfed by the points boys lag in in most everything else especially reading, literature and writing, far more critical to success as evidenced by the epidemic in drop out rates and suicide among teenage boys and the rapidly shrinking applications to and graduation from colleges by young men. Sorry to “digress” but your entire reply was a digression.

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