Women are not at war with men. They just sent them into war against their will.
Tyler Franks

Great points Tyler. Women try to pretend that the pressures and imperatives to be strong/unafraid/violent come from other men when just as much of that pressure comes from women who expect it from them and choose them for those very qualities. It is simply these days ‘on demand’. Try not walking a woman home at night, try not standing up for her when there is violence at hand. You’ll be told (these days at least) it is your debt you owe vs a gender role imposed on you because it is ‘other men’. Try using that logic some time on a black friend and see how it flies.

It is the same logic by which women explain away how in a century where they didn’t have the ‘right to work’ men didn’t have the right to not be enslaved. Every single man in the 20th Century had to register for basically a Slave Draft and face imprisonment for not doing so. 10s if not 100s of millions of men were ripped from their lives and forced to kill and die and be maimed. 10% or the male population was killed in both the Civil and Revolutionary Wars. And in both those wars women ALSO shamed men who were scared to fight and women also raise boys to be unafraid.

Yet the very women who claim the right to own this land and country reject any part of the history of it that required war and fighting; that was “men”. Forget the fact that to the extent men fought the ways and committed the violence they discovered, invented and built everything because making THAT point will only get you stoned by any women in the vicinity, who will then go to great lengths to point out that women a) discovered/invented/built A B and C and don’t get credit for it and b) women supported the men who discovered/invented/built X Y and Z who couldn’t have done it without them aka ‘behind every great man is a great woman” and c) women weren’t “allowed” to do discover/invent/create. Yet when it comes to violence and war NONE of that logic applies and the only logic is ‘that was men’.

I believe we should start a ‘Own it ALL! (or own nothing)!’ movement for women the premise of which is simple; if women own the streets on which we walk they own the violence on the streets too; if men own the violence on the streets alone then they own the streets alone too.

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