If you actually bothered to read and understand feminist theory and philosophy, you’d also…

Here is a 1+1=2 root of male violence parap; women expect men to both prosecute violence on their behalf (provide resources) and protect them from other men attempting to take their resources. That is the history of mankind. In fact, though women would have us believe that somehow men poisoned this supposed garden of eden we all would have lived in had women “rules”, the entire universe is modeled on this; organisms compete violently for resources, and often CONSUME one another for resources. This is why organisms have cilia, legs, fangs, teeth, poison, camouflage, agility and, brains. Males were designed to compete/protect/provide, women to bear children. That isn’t a penis problem it is a ‘creator’ problem (if it even is one). 10,000 year of this has led us to where we are now. You own all of it. The USA and Genocide, the streets and muggings, the Constitution and Circumcision. If you REALLY want to get to the “root” of the problem you’ll have to take your eyes off our penis’s to do so.

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