Ok, Michael, if you don’t have a problem with male circumcision, then why do you bring it up?

I didn’t bring up circumcision parap. Someone did in response to the article (allegedly) written by some guy who “realized” there as no such thing or need as “men’s rights” and all we needed to inform us of right and wrong is feminist ideology. The circumcision sidebar took the tact it always does when men point out that victimization is hardly unique to women; blaming men As I said it is the same exact response a man will get when he points out when being yelled at about “violence against women” and that “there won’t be equality until women can walk home safely like men can” that MEN in fact are victimized by violence more than women and that we don’t get to walk home safely, we simply HAVE to walk ourselves home and generally after we put our life and limb on the line escorting a woman home (who generally blow off the entire risk and sacrifice just taken on her behalf).

It is literally impossible to enter into any discussion on feminism or (gasp) men’s rights or the actual role and history of men in society without one of two tacts; 1) if the discussion is about rights to everything that is good and worthwhile, then women too are responsible and own it (whether it is pointing out the Mademe Curies in the world of the oft repeated “behind every good man is a great woman” or 2) if it is about things that are bad and destructive how men are responsible which simultaneously absolves women of any responsibility for those and mitigates the fact that men suffer/die and/or are forced into roles/situations that are harmful/limiting.

*I* get that women invented things, you didn’t blow my mind, it is in fact my point; you own everything. That includes violence against women, violence against men, war, genocide, and yes, male circumcision. Thus writing it off by saying “well men are responsible so men have to stop it” is really a trite and IMHO highly chauvinistic approach to the problem. I dare say the women’s movement would not have come this far if men (like myself) approached the issues, challenges and sexism against women that way.

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