What is the Pay Gap and How Can We End It?
Justine Bunis

I love the Payclock idea specifically because WE ALREADY HAVE IT. Women in fact do work on average about 85% of the hours men do in full-time jobs. In ten years between 20 and 30 the avg full time working woman has worked a full YEAR less than the avg working man.

Lastly, if you aren’t comparing apples to apples than you arent’ comparing wages.

STEM gap? The average STEM score gap between girls and boys in High School is about 4 points for boys, whilst the average gap for Reading and Writing is about 14 points for girls. There is an epidemic of suicide among teenage boys, whose college application, entrance and graduation rates have plummeted.

Unmarried women w/o children in most cities is 40% HIGHER than their male counterparts.

Men’s marriage rates are linear to their income levels (i.e. women still value men for their money and still expect the same gender roles FROM women while eschewing their own) while women’s marriage rates are inversly proportional to their income. As they make more, they choose to marry less. For anyone who counters with “no men are scared of successful women” I say simply hogwash as the real truth is that as a woman earns more her access to men diminishes since women marry UP. Men don’t have that luxury, which explains both their linear marriage-income rates and women’s inverse linear one.

This entire movement has reached levels of absurdity, mostly because of the word “choice” and “right” neither of which apply to men and work/careers. It is why “we” bemoan the fact that 50% of CEOs and Boards arent’ women. Well guess what? Most men aren’t CEOs, Board Members of President of the United States. Men still do all the jobs women have CHOSEN not to do because men HAVE to; that is why you never see a delivery girl bringing your groceries or order-in, why you never see women paving streets or building bridges and buildings, hanging off the side of garbage trucks at 2 in the morning cleaning the streets,extracting wood/minerals/oil/gas in dangerous jobs, driving the trucks and unloading the docks, risking their lives as policemen and fireman and rescue workers and soldiers, it is why despite the massive increase with women into the workforce 95% of workforce deaths are still men.

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