Why are you so threatened by this?
Charlotte Hanigan

If you are ‘less than’ then how come we report death tolls like this:

“5,000 killed including 100 women”

when the story is in fact:

“5,000 killed, 4,900 of them men”

Because in fact men’s lives don’t matter.

Men make up 2/3 of the victims of violent crime, 3/4 of the victims of murder, 95% of the workforce deaths, 95% of the deaths in war, 80% of the prison population, 80% of the homeless population, almost the entire disabled veteran population and have zero reproductive rights. Men are judged and chosen by their ability to provide and protect by a gender that rejects being judged for… anything.

The very myopia of feminism amazingly allowed them to a couple years back use ‘Hits like a Girl’ as a rallying cry about the sexism they face. That saying was never meant to shame women; they don’t hit as hard (part of the rationale they use to explain why men should protect them and why they choose big men). It was used to shame MEN into not being strong or brave or tough. Yet the myopic gender decided it was aimed at them since not a single solitary second of the last 50+ years that men realigned their views to understand the challenges and inequities of being a woman have has been spent by women understanding the converse. So all we are left with is so-called sociologists such as yourself explaining history through a prism of blatant chauvinism.