I truly appreciate your response as it spells out the difference between stalking and flirting.
Vera von Weltin

In America if you agree to a dinner you have already agreed to pay, how insane is that! I jest only in part because it is part of the trick of being a man these days; expectations for your behavior are the same as they always were, yet you are to have none of your own. Sometimes you get yelled at for opening a door, sometimes you get yelled at for not. If you don’t pay you are cheap but if the waiter presents the check to the man he is sexist. Look, don’t look, we are equals now, I am a woman now, it gets to be too hard to juggle especially since every woman demands a different treatment at different times. So I just try to do what feels right for me, which means treating women like women and as human beings, while hoping that they understand there is nothing subjugating about “treating a man like a man” at the same time.

It is interesting that you are European, I have found I connect with European women the best; to me there still exists that interplay between male and female energy and has found a way to accommodate differences and equality at the same time. As trite as it sounds.. vive le difference, but as man I expect that difference is a two way street.

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