I Was Suspended from Facebook for my #MeToo Post
Deborah Copaken

So clearly Facebook used an algorithm in order to identify pictures/content meant to portray sexual violence against women. Kudos to them. In the process their process wasn’t ‘smart’ enough yet to identify that fact some of this content might be content, like yours, meant to shed light on it. I appreciate your story however if the implication was meant to be that you were “silenced” for sharing your story that is now what happened; a media giant, in an attempt to support your cause, inadvertently did just the opposite and then rectified the situation when they found that out. I don’t think anyone’s cause is helped by making false or misleading claims or enemies. It weakens and invalidates your claim. Your title could instead illustrate that Facebook supported you too vociferously and (chuckle chuckle) didn’t get that you weren’t one of the bad guys and as a result of your experience their process is smarter and better.