*slowly raises right eyebrow*
Milli Granvose

So I shouldn’t comment on articles I don’t agree with only ones I do? Or as a man I shouldn’t read articles by women and comment on them because I am a (privileged or course) man? I didn’t suggest you go “ gallivanting into your own world” since that is where you just fought your way out of (and I supported). I suggested and suggest that if you want to deal with the real actual world which men dealt with and deal with you do so without whining and blaming *men*. We deal with being judged for being the best, we deal with competition and judgment and expectations. We deal with gender expectations on how we dress and talk (by both men and women) we deal with women who judge and berate us for not being ‘man enough’ when it counts for them. We deal with violence and the threat of violence at a scale you don’t even dream of AND we are raised to feel we must put our selves int he way of violence for the women in our lives. I know I know that doesn’t count since it is ‘other men’ who will likely commit the violence so you don’t own it, we do. Somehow that argument goes out the door when it comes to land and property and jobs. Here is my more gentle point if you can wrap your head around it even if it ‘just’ comes from a man living in his privileged world; we too have to deal with expectations on how we dress and talk and carry ourselves, we too have to deal with violence and the threat of the same, we too have too deal with gender expectations. We just…. do. We don’t blame women. We don’t blame men. We don’t blame ‘society’. So since you fought to be part of the working world and not stay at home then accept that is how it works and deal. with. it. Don’t blame me and don’t blame men. Choose what you want (hint: I don’t get to as man choose to work and I certainly don’t get to choose to not act like or dress like a man) and own it. Not sure how you think you are making progress otherwise. Do I feel empathy that she has to make these choices and deal with these issues? Absolutely. But I do too and so does every man I know.

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