Why are you so threatened by this?
Charlotte Hanigan

So you are a sociologist with gender bias then? Research does NOT in fact show women make 79 cents on the dollar to what men make. That was the figure in the 1970s and even then it did not show what feminists implied it did; the women get paid less for the same work. The # is closer to the mid-to-high 80s and does not compare apples to apples; women for one thing work on average of 4–6 hours a week less then men. Women don’t move as far from home, take the same risks or take dangerous jobs (men STILL make u 95% of the workforce deaths) as work is, as you requested, a “right” for you but a responsibility for us not to mention the yardstick by which we are measured and chosen by women as, while rejecting gender roles of women you didn’t change a thing about your gender expectations of men.

Women in their 20s now make more than men in their 20s, and unmarried women who have never had children in their 30s make 40 cents MORE on the dollar. I guess you simply ignored those facts as a sociologist?

The entire history of humankind didn’t evolve as it did because of ‘patriarchy’ it did because of biology and natural gender roles, ones which we as humanity have managed to position ourselves to liberate ourselves from due to our technology and civilization. If you as a woman declare and demand ownership in the contribtions and outcome of that civlization then you own it all, including the violence, murder, genocide and rape. If behind every great man there was a great woman than behind every horrible and average man there was one as well.

The entire problem with feminism is that it talks about male privilege without ever discussing the male obligations and severely limiting and damaging aspects of men’s lives. Men’s “right” to work was not a right it was and is an almost cradle to crave obligation. We don’t work because we ‘get to’ we worked and work because it is not only the only way we get to eat and live it is the only way we get to have sex, relationships, wives and children. Yet you can’t imagine the toll because you only view work as a ‘right’ and as either CEO or POTUS at that, since you ignore and discount the men that labor and suffer and die building everything you take for granted doing jobs you’d never choose; delivery boys, truck drivers, miners, fishermen, longshoremen, dock unloaders, warehouse security guards, policemen, firemen, soldiers, construction workers, pavement layers, quarrymen. I don’t see any women fighting against the 80/20 (in fact 95/5) there nor the 95/5 in workforce deaths.

In the 20th Century women fought for the right to vote and work and still point out in any movie they see the gender assumptions that limited women; that they should cook or clean or take care of the kids. Never have I seen a woman point to the beginning of Saving Private Ryan and say ‘how come now women got to go THERE!’ (though God forbid there was a scene where a woman sewed a man’s uniform). Women burned their bras in the 60s but didn’t camp outside Army Recruiting stations insisting to be enslaved, ripped from their lives and forced to kill and die horribly and return with forever shattered minds and bodies as they have in that and all wars prior. NOW women fight to be in the Military when there is no war or draft because, amazingly, it is ‘unfair’ they don’t have the opportunity for advancement that men have.

You wonder why I object? When I’m called ‘infantile’ or ‘whining’ when I do? I’ll tell you why I do object; I’m a man who spend most of his youth and twenties squarely and completely supportive of every single talking point of feminism and my votes were always heavily influenced by the same. Yet I started to notice what I thought was simply a myopic world view when it came to male/female rights/roles/privileges and finally it dawned on me that it was not myopia it was a deep-seated chauvanism that dwarfed any chauvanism I ever heard from men. It could easily be summed up as ‘women great men suck’ but more pointedly was based on an assumption that women are better human beings, that their lives are more important. The issue that finally brought that to light in fact was an article about how it is estimated that 20% of children in the US are being brought up by men who are not the fathers and do not know that. Such a wantonly criminal and widespread fact was explained away in the article, and the ‘favorite’ reply was from a woman who said that ‘when women decide who the father of their child should be they can’t just take biology into account’. She was not talking about the choice of whom to f*** but after doing so whether to ‘choose’ the man whose baby it was or some other man who was NOT but suited her purposes. It turned out further that those men upon finding out could NOT get out of the “obligation” BY LAW and that the female attorneys and women in general argued that ‘they had a chance to find out before’. Yep, the ‘my body myself gender’ that argued that they should not be forced to have and raise a child they conceived by choice and that their body/choice/life superseded that of the live they concieved argued next that men who didn’t even conceive the child should be forced to have and raise and support the child, their choice be damned.

I am tired of it all; I am tired of hearing about ‘violence against women’ when men are 2x more likely to be victims of violence and 3x more likely to be murdered both in the US and WORLDWIDE and THEN told it doesn’t matter/count because ‘it is other men that do the killing’. As if my life is less important because another person of my gender is most likely to be the one who takes it. As if the fact of my gender OBLIGATION to protect the life and safety of every single woman I know is not a huge gender role that should be appreciated acknowledged and reciprocated (and is part of the entire cycle of violence in the first place) but an obligation I have simply because it is “mostly” men who would commit the violence.

Which gets you to the entire crux and hypocrisy of feminism; the reasoning is that women don’t ‘own’ the violence or war or genocide or rape or killing or torture that is part of the entire history and fabric of humanity and as much responsible for all the phenomenal aspects of it as anything else. Men do. Women just own all the ‘good stuff’. If men own the violence on the streets committed by other men though then they own the streets. If women own the streets then they own the violence. It is a leap you refuse to make because you are able to use the innate ‘women great men suck’ rationale to maintain a fiction of yourself as victims as men as privileged and allows you to ignore the immense sacrifice made and being made by men and the immense privileges you enjoyed and enjoy. Why? Because it is the only way to create a society where you enjoy the privileges of both genders and the obligations of neither.

As a sociologist you might in fact consider these things but as a feminist one you won’t; you’ll right me off as a man “scared of losing my male privilege” and not take a moment to consider that perhaps it is time to stop scratching your own navel, time to stop blaming men and time to start taking responsibility and ownership of your own sexism. It is in fact the only way you will be making any more progress.

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