What to say when you see something so monumentally wrong that it makes words disappear from your…
Dan Apted

Thanks for pointing that out about “their” vs “they’re” that is huge. Without even taking sides I go nuts dealing with the hypocrisy of accepting / rejecting “facts” based on your agenda or goals. How can people actually make informed decisions that way? Aren’t they simply… pre-informed decisions? I made the very point last night that as gross as what Trump said was he NEVER advocated sexual assault he made a point about how being rich and famous enables you to get laid by women (as grossly as he said it). EVERYONE jumped on that and mischaracterized it. The person I said this to told me I was “splitting hairs” (between apparently women allowing men with money and fame to sleep with them and men forcing women to sleep with them!).

Then they pointed out how unfair it was of Trump to bring out the women who (apparently) Bill molested. I asked how it was not unfair for Hillary to do the same with the women Trump apparently did. THAT was total conjecture however. Because apparently it is total conjecture to assume that 20 women coming out of the woodwork in 2 days was the work of the dems but it is not conjecture that Trump meant it is ok to grope women who do not WANT to be.

Next up was the fact that his ‘side’ had already tried and convicted her of the email server ‘snafu’ without ‘a shred of evidence’ (except for the FBI saying they had new emails that needed to be reviews) yet it was ok to convict Trump of advocating and BEING a sexual abuser without any concrete evidence INCLUDING his own word,

Again I voted for HILLARY yet I can take the time to assess information objectively and the media was HUGELY in favor of Hillary. She got over 200 of the electoral votes because a) of the media and b) because she is a woman (that is far more people voted for her BECAUSE she is a woman than voted AGAINST her for the same reason) yet instead of getting her flaws and getting what people voted for and against, Hillary and her supporters will insist that dumb bigots voted him in (1/2 the country???), that the FBI tripped her up not her own foibles, and as per Sanders that still, despite 49%+ of the country voting for him that the majority of Americans are behind progressive policies.

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