Last time I checked, Facebook was still a private sector company (the “publicly traded” thing is a…
Bobby Gladd

This is simply intentionally misunderstanding the issue and comparing apples to oranges, again, intentionally. When Twitter starts suppressing tweets that don’t meet it’s founders politics be they the ‘gauche ravings of Donald Trump’ or the inane ravings of Bernie Sanders, then they will be complicit in the same type of behavior that Facebook is (allegedly) now. I’m going to wager that if Facebook were owned by Rupert Murdoch this would be a bigger issue for you. I’ll repeat what I’ve said in other threads here; this is not a media outlet deciding on what news to report or the slant to put on it. We all get that and know that is part and parcel of the news we see and read. This is purportedly the news and opinions that the billion-person plus community is interested in and trending towards, when in fact (if the reports are correct) they are nothing of the sort, they are the opinions and trends that the founders are interested in. That is a far cry from having a news slant. It’s like having a vote for an election and suppressing the votes you don’t like and calling it impartial. I’m opposed to that whether it is Zuckeberg, Clinton, Murdoch, Sanders or John and Jane Doe doing it.

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