Why Is Syria Hell on Earth? Here’s The Ugly but True Answer…
Zaron Burnett III

“ Yet another new foreign power in charge of Syria. But then, the war in the European theater ends in the summer of ’45, and the restored French government promises to pull out of Syria. The newly-liberated French claim they will finally allow the Arab nation to become a truly free and independent nation, no longer under rule by a foreign power”

This is the whole problem with this thesis. “Yet another new foreign power in charge of Syria” is not ’45 but 3000 BC to 1945. Somehow the only claim to Syria is by one group that conquered it and was in turn conquered. I mean f*** why don’t the Nazi’s just claim it is owed to them by the French? The Turks by the Brits? The Mongols by the Arabs? The Romans by the Greeks? The entire region’s history is muddied by this insistence that only ‘The Arabs’ have a claim to their conquest of the various areas of the region stretching from Persia to Iberia and that any conquests prior to theirs never existed and any conquests subsequent to theirs are invalid. Did anyone “allow” the United States to become a truly free and independent nation? Britain? France? China? Japan? Israel? Blaming the rest of the world for Syrias violence, blaming France for “introducing” bombing of citizens, blaming the world for not giving lands to one in a long line of peoples who conquered it IS the problem. The peoples of Syria now are there for the same reason every one in every other land is there; a long line of conquest and violence and violent border drawing with claims going back 3000 years from others peoples from whom they must protect their land both externally and internally. Taking ownership of that history and responsibility for it is a start. Gassing your own people and blaming the rest of the world just won’t cut it.

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