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You are missing the double-standard eliecer; SHE was a loser for 25 years but no where in her article does she acknowledge that she too was, that she was not, by her own definition, a “real woman”. Your own false equivalence between the brilliant/talented yet flawed men she dated and women who are druggie/hookers say s it all. The Author says “real men” have boats and cars and homes and people who depend on them and real men have achieved their potential (not just strived for it). Yet in the next sentence she says she spent 25 YEARS of her adult life not striving for, let alone achieving, her potential. This means that for 25 years she was NOT a woman to date or to consider the mother of your children or wife. I’m gathering that you’d roundly and soundly reject any man who said she was not worthy of dating or marriage for the last 25 years. But by her own standards and yours she was not.

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