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Today we’re excited to announce a larger upload limit and a brand new shot layout that puts your work front and centre.

Pixel Perfect, just how you like it

When we asked the community what we could do to make showcasing your work a better experience, one of the…

Designers inspiration for your next presentation

The Designer’s Guide to Startup Weekend

I started this publication to help share some of the collective stories and knowledge about startups and business. It’s helped me grow as an entrepreneur and I hope it’s helped you as well.

I wanted to tell you about a new podcast that I recently launched with the team at Rocketship.fmThis New Economy.

Everyone loves a good story. It’s part of being human.

Stories help us better understand the world around us, and to make sense of complex — and sometimes contradictory ideas.

This New Economy is a new podcast exploring humanity through the universal language of economics…

It’s estimated that automation will claim 50% of our jobs by 2030. So we ask the question — can basic income save us?

Photo by JJ Thompson on Unsplash

In a time when robots are replacing delivery drivers, algorithms drive our cars through 5pm traffic and the fiercest competitor for your next job is artificial intelligence, there’s little doubt our economic landscape is entering unprecedented times.

In this uncertainty, company sizes are shrinking yet their valuations continue to rise while 43.1 million people in the United States alone live below the poverty line.

We’ve concentrated our wealth in the top 1% and we’re still waiting for…

What’s even better than reading about making a podcast? How about checking out my latest Podcast, This New Economy!

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There’s no doubt that podcast listenership is exploding right now with the success of shows like Serial, Gimlet Media’s StartUp, and the multitude of NPR podcasts.

Audio storytelling is back in a big way, and its rise in popularity affords you, side project maker, with an incredible opportunity to reach a new audience, expand your current one, or build a name and brand for yourself.

And with more and more companies looking to sponsor podcasts, building…

Or, how Robert Fortune’s tea heist shaped China’s iOS market

There is a dirty secret lying beneath China’s iOS app market, and our revenue is hiding somewhere in it.

In December of 2011, right before Christmas, we released our first iOS application Bilingual Child. Immediately after, we saw downloads flooding in from China.

We had tapped into one of the biggest markets in the world. We knew the revenue was just around the corner.

But it never came.

We figured it was because we were teaching Spanish to native English speakers. We weren’t giving our Chinese customers localized content.

Stop building, start listening

Stop what you’re building right now and ask yourself a simple question: How many people have I validated my ideas with? If your answer is less than 10 you may have a rude awakening in the near future.

Now I‘m typically not one to fill my day with meetings. Being interrupted in the middle of my workflow to switch tasks takes a cognitive toll, especially when it happens multiple times a day.

But for the last four months that’s exactly what my team and I did, and it has paid off massively.

Validating Your Idea

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in…

This was originally posted on the AppFigures.com blog

Bilingual Child was a side project for us that quickly became our main focus for the better part of the last two years. After the initial success we began experimenting with what else we could do with our early language offerings and found some interesting results.

Testing the Market

We launched Bilingual Child right around Christmas of 2011 as an early English to Spanish learning application. This was our first iOS application that we’d ever launched and the first application in the ‘edutainment’ space.

Upon initial launch we saw a good number of downloads come…

Bilingual Child App

Or the secret of the “Unlock All” button

Bilingual Child was supposed to be an experiment. We built it in 6 weeks, working on it nights & weekends.

The app was free to download with one available book, including ten vocabulary words, and two additional books offered as an in-app purchase of $1.99.

For the first two months after releasing it we let it sit. We had never released an iOS application and had little idea what to do to market it. To our surprise, it slowly picked up steam. $5 a day. $10 a day. Then $15 a day.

We played around with the keywords and categories…

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