If Sundays Are for Sermons

How does America want to present itself to the rest of the world? How do we want to see ourselves when we look in the mirror?

In the wake of the Panama Papers, corrupt money in politics and the possibility of a moral economy are on the world stage for examination. When the world looks the the United States, how will we respond?

Will we tell the world that we don’t care about corruption, and nominate Hillary Clinton, who has used bundling loopholes to buy the Democratic Party, has blood on her hands from trading arms deals for donations and has made a personal fortune “giving speeches” to the those Wall Street pirates who have been the architects of funneling half the world’s wealth into the pockets of the elite?

In short, will we tell the world that America just doesn’t care about the primary issue of the day? We’re Americans. We put celebrity above all else. We don’t care about corruption. The rest of the world be damned.

That is the message that nominating Hillary Clinton to the Presidency will send the world. That is the message that Hillary Clinton winning the New York primary will send the world.

The world sees New York City as New York State. (Which is so very wrong, as Upstate and Western New York are so very different.) The world sees New York as America. (Which is also so very wrong.) The battle for New York will send a message world-wide. America is exactly what we feared: too lazy to care about corruption or poverty; too apathetic to right the ship’s course.

We could send a different message. We could send a message that despite the Democratic Party trying to rig elections around our country to favor Clinton, despite that party inviting lobbyists to become Super Delegates to undermine the will of the people, despite widespread corruption, the PEOPLE stood up in such numbers that it didn’t matter and nominated Senator Bernard Sanders instead.

We can put forward a man so consistent on message of ending corruption and taking care of those less fortunate that he was invited to a forum at the Vatican on creating a moral economy. We could elect the Jewish candidate that Muslims are overwhelmingly supporting. We can announce that America is ready to fight for goodness, morality and for ending corruption.

In two days, we will announce to the world exactly which America we are. Please, New Yorkers, band together in record numbers to show up and vote for an America which stands for goodness towards all, for opportunity towards all, for justice for all. Don’t make corruption mainstream as acceptable. Don’t show the world that Americans don’t care. Show the world we care.

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