Jakt’s 2017 Growth Plan

Setting Us Up for Success


On a brisk Saturday morning in December following 8:30AM SoulCycle class in SoHo, we (Mike and Anthony) sat down for a lovely brunch at The Smile. Mike had eggs with red sauce (“Those are called baked eggs, Anthony”) while Anthony opted for the Belgium waffles (“It’s cheat day, Mike”).

It was over this meal that Jakt’s 2017 growth plan was created. Our plan spans three key initiatives — community, business development and content. We’re excited to share our plan with everyone, and hold ourselves accountable by publicly releasing it.

Here it is:


Increase the size and strength of our community.

More specifically:

No Agenda dinners — 12 (1 per month)

  • Each month we’re going to host a dinner with ~15 guests. The idea is bringing people from different backgrounds and all walks of life together in one room over a meal to meet. There’s literally no agenda at dinner, other than having a great time. We’re big believers that that great things happen when amazing people break bread together.

Jakt parties — 1 (kick-off)

  • There’s been a TON of change at Jakt over the last 3 months. Even though we’ve been in business for over 4 years, it feels like a fresh start and new beginning. As such, we’re throwing a kick-off party.

Speaker Fridays — 12 (1 per month)

  • Once a month we’ll be inviting a guest speaker into our office to meet our team and tell their story. We might even make Fridays open invite. Plus we’ll be filming these meets and you’ll get a chance to check out the Podcast at some point this year.

Sponsorships — 2

  • We’ve never done any sponsorships, but this we’re investing in the business and plan to sponsor two events to help build our brand.

Attendance at events — 24 (2 per month)

  • Combined, we will attend 24 events. We want to be out and engage with the NYC community more.

“Big” events — 2

  • We plan to attend 2 larger events this year. If you have suggestions, please let us know. Here are the major ones we’ve outlined so far.
  • SXSW
  • Art Basel
  • Lisbon web summit
  • Asia web summit
  • Air BnB conference
  • RISE

Business Development

Create new partner relationships.

More specifically:

  • Startup Studio/Incubator Partners — 6
  • Corporate Partners — 3
  • VC Partners — 4
  • Large Agency Partners — 4
  • Smaller Agency Partners — 4

If you know anyone who fits the bill, we would love an intro!


Create a real presence for Jakt online.

More specifically:

  • Blog posts / medium posts — 1 per week (can be from anyone at Jakt)
  • Video posts (long form) — 1 per month
  • Newsletter — 1 per week
  • Instagram — 2 posts per week
  • Facebook — 1 post per week
  • Dribbble — 1 post per week

We think sticking to this plan means significant growth for Jakt in 2017. These goals are ambitious and we plan on pushing ourselves in ways we never have. But we’re confident we can achieve each and every one of them.

Can’t wait to see how this all turns out.

— Anthony and Mike