Huddle connects founders with pop-up product and design teams to keep things moving forward.

We’re excited and proud to announce the launch of Huddle today

And a four-phase framework for co-founder relationships

A four-phase framework for building co-founder relationships:

  1. Admiration — Thinking or feeling that someone will be a good fit. Whether it’s a resume, skillset, or general vibe, you’re interested in creating with this person.
  2. Chemistry — Thoughts and feelings are mutual. You’re both interested in working together. …

The under-appreciated risks of founder marriage

Andrew Garfield as Eduardo Saverin in “The Social Network”

The New World of Venture Capital is a Springboard for New People and Culture Problems

Photo from Verge article on Away, published last week

How to separate events from your interpretation to make faster, more powerful choices at work.

“… [a] patients medial temporal lobe was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. The patient was asked by his doctor — “do you feel hopeful about the future?” To which he responded “I guess so, I don’t really think much about the future.” That same patient once described thinking about the future as being asked to find a chair in an empty room. The future and the past seem to be somehow linked in the mind. When you let your mind wonder, you switch back and forth all the time, remembering and…

We know that vulnerability is the cornerstone of courage building. But what we often fail to realize is that without vulnerability there is no creativity or innovation. Why? Because there is nothing more uncertain than the creative process. And there is absolutely no innovation without failure. Show me a culture in which vulnerability is framed as weakness, and I’ll show you a culture struggling to come up with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

-Brené Brown, Dare To Lead

Musings from dinner on Sunday, August 26th


What is authenticity, anyway? 🤔

Why is it important? 📈


What is action planning? 🤔

Insights from Sundays dinner on June 24th, 2018


What is Flow State ? 🤔

How does one consistently achieve flow? 🌊

Notes from Sundays’ dinner July ‘18

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