An Introduction:

This is an Introduction to Poltik of the Budding Lotus, its goals, and the cognitive and emotional experiences that have culminated in its creation. Introductions tend not to be very interesting. I myself am guilty of skipping the seemingly drawn out prologue or preface from time to time. It would seem that my college professors failed to fully inculcate me on their importance. With that in mind, I will keep this post as short and to-the-point as possible.

Poltik of the Budding Lotus (PBL) first emerged as a simple idea several years ago. It was nameless at the time, inspired no constructive outlets and ironically, was embedded in negativity. I found that the mainstream media, especially their social media wings, were saturated in poorly-written, uncouth “click-bait” stories aimed at appealing solely to their target audiences. Their tendency was to incite any and every one with an inflammatory and alienating rhetoric. Facebook comment sections were consistently breaking down into vicious antisocial, hate filled rants. The page editors, in contrast, would just sit back as the outrageous verbal attacks escalated to no logical conclusion. Media began to straddle the line between informing and inciting their readers for what seemed to be the sole purpose of monetary gain. Right-wing news outlets produced right wing reports. Left wing news outlets wrote left wing reports. At the end of the day, both sides, from the most moderate to radical outlets, voiced their versions of events, but there was rarely any meeting in the middle. Seldom was an objective voice heard amongst the racket of this left-right fray. Rarely was this reporting positive, almost never did it promote solutions or even provide an in-depth analysis of what was really going on. I woke up, flipped on my iPad, and began reading stories that either attempted to reinforce my worldview or grossly undermine it. Either way, no matter what emotions were evoked, I was left feeling that the only winners in this war of slanted views were the media corporations themselves.

About two weeks ago I had a conversation with my girlfriend. After bouncing some thoughts back and forth we eventually came to the conclusion that in an age of blogs and webpages we might as well turn our negative feelings about the media world into something much more constructive. Hence, the creation of this outlet.

Poltik of the Budding Lotus is designed to fill in the blanks left by traditional media outlets. By positive reporting, I don’t necessary mean that we present positive views of what’s going on the world. If we fell into that trap, we would be doing the same thing other media sources are guilty of doing — promoting one biased vision of events that aims to persuade our readers to dismiss other interpretations. Not to mention it’s kind of hard to write a positive perspective on terrorism or Global Warming. Rather, our stories are intended to promote potential solutions to the world’s problems by drawing from various political backgrounds and academic sources to achieve our goal of objectivity. It serves as a platform for those voices marginalized by the increasingly divided, conformed and intolerant nature of both American and Global Politics.

Take for example, the rise (or development) of China. Most major news agencies cover stories on this topic from time to time; the vast majority falling somewhere between the extremes of characterizing China as “the greatest threat to humanity” to “the greatest gift of the 21st century.” Again, all of these positions promote a particular perspective on the topic with some using better evidence than others to strengthen their points. However, while many news outlets highlight potential problems or tensions between China, other states, and the international system as a whole, almost none promote potential solutions. They claim their only job is to share the news with the world, which they often do in irresponsible, non-factual, and inflammatory ways.

You may be thinking that “Poltik of the Budding Lotus” is a bizarre name for a political blog, but there is method behind this madness. The Lotus is the quintessential symbol of what we are trying to achieve. It starts its life as a seed entrenched in the filthy mud at the bottom of stagnate lakes and ponds. From these humble origins, the Lotus grows and develops into one of the most beautiful flowers. Analogically speaking, today’s media and the negativity surrounding it is the most fertile of the so-called ‘river mud’, and with a lot of hard work, determination and a little magic, this blog strives to one day grow into something as wonderful as the Lotus itself.

It should also be noted that I don’t want to limit this blog solely to politics and International relations. I want this blog to have a soul of its own. In addition to heavy political pieces, I would like to express my love of the world through articles dedicated to global exploration and cultural connections. If I’m successful in my endeavors, readers will be left feeling that the world is a little bit smaller than they previously assessed.

So join us in our quest to bring about a conversation on world problems as we hope to inform the population about the change that lies in their hands. Follow us on Facebook and stay updated on our conversations, and please do share your opinions and ideas in the comments section below.

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