High Impact Communication Skills Enable Strategic Discussions

Technical professionals often struggle to communicate effectively to their non-technical peers, including managers and executives. Unfortunately, managers and executives rely on information from technical reports and presentations to make strategic decisions. The entire company suffers when professionals write reports that are unnecessarily long and poorly organized. Companies can turn around their internal communications with a combination of communication skills workshops targeted toward delivering technical information. When technical reports are clear and readable, managers and executives have more time for strategic discussions. Professionals reporting up the ladder need to know how to organize information, write easily scanned documents, and deliver compelling presentations.

Clear Technical Reports Save Time and Money

Professionals learn how to assess and improve their writing skills in a technical report-writing workshop. Workshop facilitators train participants to write meaningful headings so that managers and colleagues can scan documents quickly and easily to retrieve key points. Participants also learn how to organize their reports around an easy-to-navigate framework and determine how much information must be communicated.

Develop the Right Content for Technical Presentations

Participants in a technical presentations workshop learn how to develop content for a targeted audience. Presenters must first identify the objective of their presentation. What should the audience remember at the end? What decisions does the presenter recommend? Then they must identify their audience’s expectations and level of expertise in the technical field.For example, an environmental scientist reporting to a municipality on a highway expansion project may recommend alternative routes because endangered wildlife is present on the proposed site. The environmental scientist must make this point with relevant data and using language that city staff and the general public can understand. Participants in technical presentations workshops walk away with recordings of their practice presentations, a manual for on-the-job reference, and feedback on three separate practice presentations.

Present with an Objective

Presentations to groups are not easy for anyone, whether they are technically trained or not. An individual or team that takes a presentation workshop is better prepared to deliver information confidently, engage their audience, and answer questions. Wavelength Communication Skills Trainingprovides training for technical reports, technical presentations, and presenting to groups. In one of their case studies, they write about a team presenting to a behavioural standards committee that became defensive when committee members asked questions for clarification. A confident presenter understands that questions are not challenges to their competency. Audiences ask questions to understand the material and make better-informed decisions.

Wavelength also offers hybrid training to solve a company’s unique communication problems. For example, they offered the behavioural standards committee in their case study a combination of their technical report writing and presenting to groups workshops. Once the reporting team could write effective reports and present with clear objectives, committee members could engage in strategic discussions and effectively solve problems. Communication skills workshops offered by Wavelength allow managers and executives to focus on making the right decisions. It’s time to invest in training that will improve your company’s internal communications.