Tesla: the path to domination
Andrew Thomas

Wow! An incredible read. Very informative with existing facts, numbers and stats, unifying related fields and giving a forecast I’d like to believe will unfold too.

From a social-cultural perspective, I was never ever into cars since Big-Automakers would somehow always draw their cars’ association with exaggerated machismo and sexy supermodels (which I always thought was ridiculous) Also, the consumption of gas is expensive for the consumer and environmentally destructive in its wider context. When Tesla showed up, I became immediately enthused with its brand, vision and lifestyle. A high performance vehicle on renewable energy adding more value to the user experience (autopilot, summon, possible HUD? etc) than Big Auto EVER bothered to do.

A company with a genuine global conscious is refreshing. I hope Tesla dominates and smashes Big Auto for their complacency and help pull global reliance away from oil which should reduce the repeated conflicts America has in the Middle East for it (mentioned in Elon’s latest book by Ashlee Vance)

Thanks for doing your research and writing this up. Job well done.