5 more minutes

sleeping struggle

I woke up today at 8:30 am and I told myself, “5 more minutes”. I shut my eyes. Then what felt like 5 minutes later, I open my eyes. I look at my phone. 10:30 am. Shit. Fuck. Fuck. I jump out of bed. I text my friend who I assume is in our 9 am class already, “Did you guys start the quiz yet?”. He replies, we start in 5 minutes. I quickly hop in the shower, take a 90-second half-ass (literally) shower. My toilet mate commented on my short shower. I told him I was late for class. He reminded me to brush my teeth. Shit, I brushed my teeth for 40 seconds. Then got dressed, with a sense of urgency. Put my notebook and laptop in my backpack and rushed towards the door. I told my roommate to wish me good luck, he chuckled. I walked fast. I didn’t feel like running that early in the morning. I put on my headphones, opened my music app, clicked shuffle, the rocky theme song came on. Perfect. I made it to class at 10:45 am. A personal record (and probably a world record too). The quiz had no time limit (I wished I studied).

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”-Benjamin Franklin