I’m addicted to sugar

i’m serious

I think this a funny story.

It happened today.

Today felt like a normal day. It was a little more stressful than expected, but those days are endless.

I woke up. Went to my real estate class. Shit my pants on the test (figuratively). Then the professor reminded us of our final projects due next week, “fuck” (I was hoping he forgot about those) (shit on my pants more, figuratively).

Went straight to my bible class, I think the professor talked about Paul today, I was doing some work on other projects, (multi-tasking never works btw).

Then had lunch with my bible classmates (they’re really nice). I had a salad, my willpower was still strong. I told myself, the salad tasted good (it actually does, I think I have brainwashed my brain).

Then the story begins. Right after lunch, I go to my psychology class. In psychology class, we’re pretty much done. We just watch other groups present their final project.

Our project was to explain the marketing material of a brand. We did Audi and presented exactly a week ago. I was kinda not excited to go to class and critique the group presentation. Some presentations make me cringe and I don’t like to cringe. Some presentations make me nod my head, “not bad, not bad”. The best ones make laugh or leave me in awe or both.

But most of the time they make me cringe.

My own presentations, most of the time make me cringe. Everyone is just so nervous, so jittery. When the calm ones present most of the time they are boring as fuck. It takes skill to find the balance. But anyways back to the story.

So the first group today, was this group called “discovery channel” (we had to make our own group names, ours was Far East Movement). Discovery channel had their topic on Oreos.

I was like, “ok, Oreos, interesting” then I went back to my phone, to continue reading a medium article. Then the guy opened his mouth (pause) and said to pay attention because they had a prize at the end.

I fucking was in a middle of reading a new medium post from my favourite author Ryan Holiday, but I just quickly put my phone in my pocket. I told my classmate with an excited voice, “they’re gonna give out Oreos” I said it with certitude.

I knew they were going to do that at the end. I flip the paper where we were suppose to grade them and give them critical feedback. I flipped it over and title the back.


I took notes during the presentation. My classmate on my left, thought I was crazy.

I gave them my undivided attention. I think I gave them more attention than the teacher (I’m being serious).

I wrote down everything. I took notes like my grade depended on it. I wrote every fucking word.

Then at the end they said “now we are going to ask you some questions”, then they pull out the oreo packets. My mouth start to water.

Oh shit.

Shit just got real.

“Let’s do this”, I told myself. The guy asked “what is the slogan of Oreo?” I didn’t even raise my hand. I just shouted, “Twist, lick, dunk”.

I didn’t even have to look at my notes. I was craving the Oreos so bad. I was like a cocaine addict.

The class clapped.

The group said “congratulations”.

I wanted to answer the other 2 questions, but I felt selfish and mostly embarrassed. I just got one.

My paper was so full of notes. I opened the oreo and offered some to my classmate to my left. She said “no thanks”. I shrugged “more for me”.

I’m so addicted to sugar.

Sugar is one molecule away from cocaine (someone fact check that).

But I believe it’s just as or more addictive than cocaine (I never tried cocaine btw). Try it (not cocaine). Go 2 days without any sugar. No ice cream, chocolate, candy, Starbucks, coke, anything that has sugar, don’t eat it.

I guarantee you it will be the worst 2 days of your life.

When was the last time you went a day without sugar? Think about it. Everything has sugar now a days, it’s crazy. Even some bacon has “hidden sugars”. So check when you buy or don’t (most of the time I don’t).

But today’s story, I initially thought it was just a funny moment in my life, but it shows how addicted I am. Who the fuck take notes, so they can have 3 free Oreos (the pack had 3 Oreos, I was so happy), me, I would do that. I’m an addict.

“People are like Oreos. The good stuff are on the inside”
— idk