It’s raining


I complain. A lot more than I should. When it’s raining, I tell my roommate “fuck, it’s raining man.” I mean why do I respond like that? Because I’m entitled. Living in America, especially in sunny California, revealed how soft I am. Why do I think life is going to be an unbroken boulevard of green lights? I sometimes feel like it should be sunny all the time. I think that the world owes me good weather. Little shit like that. Imagine the things “more” worthy to complain about. My experience, in my short 19 years, you will complain about a lot of shit. A lot. But is it worthy of you giving you it’s fuck. You have to allocate the fucks you give. I know it sounds harder than looks but try. Or not try, if you try you actually give more fucks by not giving a fuck(make sense?). So next time it rains say, “great I can go outside and take a shower”(those were so fun in the Philippines). It’s hard to learn and see that the bad things are actually what you need. The bad things are actually the good things. Sounds insane, right? But at the same time so true. Whatever your dealing with right now, it’s exactly what you need. Rain on.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”-Shakespear