Late night thoughts


I’ve been asking people why they travel and I’ve been getting different responses. To see new places. To experience new things. To get away from their daily boring life. That’s basically the answers I’ve been getting. I think it’s kinda superficial. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to travel(obviously). But why? I don’t really know. I love to travel to see new places, to experience new things, to learn something new. Basically that. But why all those reasons? I’m trying to get a deeper reason but I’m struggling. I want to know because recently I have been experiencing the feeling of unwanted travel. I don’t want to travel, not right now. I mean I love to travel, but I feel like it’s just an escape, just another high just like alcohol or drugs. You feel good, but only for a certain amount of time. I’ve learned a lot of stuff and gained new perspectives while traveling. I don’t regret going to the places I’ve been. It’s just I’ve noticed a pattern. Everyone wants to travel and a lot of people do. But why do you want to travel? To become a new person or to have a new profile picture on Instagram? To learn something new or to escape from your present reality? People always say they want to “travel”, why don’t you just take a basketball and take 3 steps(lol I had to put a joke in this blog). But back to all seriousness, ask yourself why? Or don’t. Some things have no reason to be explained. But in conclusion, I still love traveling, just be aware of where you are coming from. Ask yourself why,why,why? In anything you do, go to the deepest reason. Rant over.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life to escape us”-anonymous