The Web Sucks Now (Apparently)
Derek Beyer

I disagree with the statement that the mobile web sucks. Yes, it has some problems, but I’m not sure I see a major difference in everyday performance comparing desktop safari and mobile safari. If you ask me, one of the biggest threats to the web right now is companies/devs who are fragmenting their online presence into desktop/web mobile/native structures. Medium doesn’t allow mobile web editing. Google Docs just removed the ability to edit from the mobile web. And just yesterday I went to watch a show on Cartoon Network, at which point the site told me if I wanted to authenticate on mobile I had to do it via the app. However, I see light at the end of the tunnel. As the HTML spec continues to advance, I can’t picture Apple and Google indefinately resisting to adopt features that enhance web apps. (on an infinite timescale…) Another interesting angle is JavaScript. Coupled with the Canvas tag, it allows developers to distribute arbitrary apps via the web. The main limitation here is speed, and I think that will only improve over time, allowing increasingly complex web apps to run smoothly without neccessarily relying on HTML/DOM feature adoption (assuming it doesn’t keep up). Finally, Android and iOS can’t be dominant forever, right? (on an infinite timescale…) What happens when a third platform reaches a marketshare that large companies can’t ignore? The more platforms that have to be supported natively the harder it becomes to maintain brand/feature parity across all versions of the app. This would force companies to reprioritize their websites to make sure they are “good enough”. Ultimately I wouldn’t worry about web technology. It is so deeply ingrained in everybody’s life that it won’t just go away. That’s an inevitability — things will only get better.