Shift from Frustration to Joy

The Fallacy of One Day and There

That grand thing is coming. It’s just around the corner wrapped in the gifts of the next goal, the next step, the next whatever. Does this sound all too familiar? I have lived my life in this manner, and I suspect that I’m not the only one. We are born into this world and implicitly told that this great thing we seek is coming. It is not here now, but it is underway. Just go to school and get good grades so that you can be accepted into the higher institution of learning that holds your fate. Now, you are here, and the focus is getting through senior year because that great thing is coming, so be ready. Then comes the great moment, and now you are priming your resume for the ultimate prize called a career. You land your first job and cast a vision for the first five years of a career plan. After all, this is what everyone says you should do to get ready for the move up the ladder.

This great thing is coming. You feel the pressure that comes with trying to balance the needs of a growing professional career with the responsibilities to family and friends. Luckily, the next dream vacation is around the corner; therefore, the great thing is coming. And on and on it goes until the day of your ultimate dissolution when you finally realized that there was never this day of grandeur coming when you would have arrived. It is at this moment that the great fallacy of the two lies finally takes hold:

  • There is no one day
  • There is no there!

Life was meant to be lived all along. Every moment was precious and complete on its own, and your task was to expand into it. This was the promise of the great thing after all, here and now, but sadly you missed most of these moments caught up in the anticipations of the future and the regrets of the past. Does this sound familiar?

On my journey from frustration to joy in the workplace, I too became caught up in this fallacy that once the shift occurred, all would be well, and I would not have to continue putting in the daily work. What became apparent is that life’s transformations are not attained but maintained. Think about changes to your physical well-being, be it a new diet or an exercise program. A great victory in these arenas is not a one-time achievement. Take you eye off the ball, and soon you find yourself back in an all too familiar place wondering what happened to your arrival. Yes, I was found guilty as charged and off to the gallows I went. Thankfully, my lows were now high, and a return trip to the land of frustration was no longer in the cards. Once again, the Three R’s came to my rescue for the second time, and it was not too long before the results reappeared. So, what is that thing you were meant to expand into each day fully? The answer does not lie at the end of some great and mystical journey. It is already inside you just waiting to be rediscovered. As a kid, this truth was known and bellowed by your heart. But with time, the heart learn to whisper, knowing the inherent pain that comes with you not following your calling, almost hoping that the mind would no longer hear the cry. This beautiful conversation comes directly from The Alchemist.


The moral of the story is, “Take heed and don’t wait for that one perfect day when everything will be done and you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.” All any of us has is now. Nothing is ever attained forever. Each attainment is eventually followed by dissolution, so you should enjoy the present because the past and future are merely illusions of our egoic mind.

Check out my Three R’s book to learn more about my transformation from frustration to joy, not once, but twice, as we are all fallible, even when provided with a well-outlined map.