Living in the present and planning for the future are not contradictory; they’re complimentary!
Goal-Setting vs. Living in the Now
Anthony Galli

This is indeed interesting as I have just written an article on the very topic but from a slightly different angle. Our point of agreement is one of flow as characterized by Vishen Lakhiani:

Flow is happiness in the now coupled with grand visions for the future. — Vishen Lakhiani

Eckhart Tolle, whom who cited in the Power of Now, further reinforces this point but with the cautionary tale that living for the future only makes sense for those who can embrace the present.

And, this is my point of alarm as someone who has fallen into the mind trap that this grand thing, which the future always promises, is coming. In my article, I have been careful to pick a fight with goals as they are the most “holy of holy” in the personal development space. After all, who among us do not like our daily affirmations, incantations, and vision board exercises?

There is no one day, and there is no there!

But, the danger sets in when the present moment becomes nothing more than a mere obstacle to the future. This is the case in particular for those who have not learn to accept the present and therefore develop an overwhelming desire to escape what “is” for what ought to be.

So, are goals bad or do they deliberately pull one from the present? Not at all! It is our makeup and need to escape that does this all on its own.

Take stock of your life by asking the question “Are Your Goals Making You Unhappy and Blind?” If this is the case, then change your outlook by first accepting where you are, not just where you want to be.