A History and Future of the Rise of the Robots
R. David Dixon Jr.

Thank you, David, for writing about time, a critically important element in our current human transitioning from resource exploiters of the industrial revolution to conscious inhabitants of Earth as our galactic home. This evolutionary transition is moving humanity from the third dimensional physicality of space to the fourth dimensional frequency of time; from the materiality of all we see about us, to the mentality of invisible time as a frequency of our home planet’s relationship to galactic space.

This transition is akin to the change we experience as adolescent self-centeredness to a more mature universality of mutual cooperativeness, except it is occurring collectively. As a species, we’re nearing the end of our planet’s resources for sustainability, as a result of our industrial materialism; moving now by necessity into deeper ranges of human creativity as a demand of survival and an advancing civilization.

This notion of time as a fourth dimensional platform for human survival and advancement is the central theme of the Galactic Mayan schematic for Earth’s synchronistic evolution into a conscious universe. As such, Jose Arguelles’ “The Mayan Factor” describes time in this manner: “Now time is money, then time will be art.”

This topic is deep, unimaginably wide, and happening all around us now. Humanity’s transition into fourth dimensional galactic synchronicity (time) is not inevitable, but dependent upon humanity seeing ourselves as One, capable of acting unitedly. Whether such unity may be accomplished remains to be seen; although powerful nurturing forces are at work on our behalf.

Time will tell.

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