Historical terms are hard to ascribe to a topic like artificial intelligence. When you try to make comparisons, say to Henry Ford’s Model T assembly line and how it helped create an entire universe of mass production, the concept of A.I. — even in these early stages — dwarfs anything about a River Rouge, once you weigh the implications.

Has there ever been a more profound technological evolution than the one we’ve seen in the past 30 years? But we seem to be at a momentous moment, where the very phrase artificial intelligence lands on the ears like a theat…

TIME IT RIGHT: The best time of day for a brainstorm? Start no earlier than 10 A.M., end no later than 4 P.M. Give folks a chance to settle into the day, then avoid their getting antsy and restive as quitting time approaches.

KEEP A TIGHT TEAM: There’s a technical term for brainstorms with more than 7–8 people in the room: chaos. Keep the number at a level where the group’s attention doesn’t splinter and people can listen, be heard and share more effectively.

SHELVE THE SUGAR: Ever show up for a brainstorm where they’ve laid out candy and soda…

I’ve witnessed it “on the ground,” so to speak. More clients are asking for more B2B content projects, and for more varied ways to implement B2B content marketing.

That anecdotal experience is backed up by the research. Let’s start with the fine folks at the Content Marketing Institute, as explained back in Q4 in this column by Joe Pulizzi.

Greater investment in content was finally driving measurable success, right? Never mind the “trough of disillusionment” and the dire portents about “content shock.” There was light at the end of the tunnel…or is that the top of the funnel?

Content marketers…

It’s no worse than 75% of what the networks throw at us every year anyway.

According to a new survey of marketing leaders worldwide, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to have an impact. But they think it’ll take a while.

The April 2017 survey was by Salesforce, and respondents said they expected improvements in efficiency and personalization over the next five years.

60% of them expect AI will improve the efficiency of campaign analytics, digital asset management and collection of business insights.

Over 60% also foresaw leveraging AI to create dynamic landing pages and websites, and saw AI impacting programmatic advertising and media buying.

Based on my recent experience with clients like MarianaIQ,that’s all reasonable…

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“The Dark Power of Mediumas explained at at Mark Schaefer’s blog. Fun reading.

How can you build a content publishing capability at your company? It’s not that hard.

In fact, there’s a model out there that’s already been getting the job done for a couple hundred years.

I can’t take credit for that insight. That belongs to a woman named Tami Dennis I had the pleasure of working with recently at a Major Medical Institution.

She and I have both moved on to more…amiable situations since then. But at the time, Tami was in charge of the content generation team at this place, and hailed from a background in journalism, especially a long stint at the Los Angeles Times.

So to her, creating interesting communications content wasn’t any…

Ben Zobrist goes to the World Series. Two years in a row, for two different teams. He helps the Kansas City Royals overcome long decades of futility. Then he joins the Chicago Cubs and gets the hit that closes the deal on ending a century of…”futility” is just the start of it.

Next day, he’s out in his front yard signing autographs for the fans.

It doesn’t matter who wins the election this year. Because either way, I know I’ll come out on top.

Why? Because we live in the greatest country on earth, where political campaigns can be uncouth and underhanded, candidates get to pillory the bejeezus out of each other, duck the tough questions, flat-out lie about their qualifications, and wave off their vices and misdemeanors as being distortions of “the media.”

After all of that, in the end it’ll still be the voice of the American people deciding who gets the call in November. …

Michael Semer

Writer. Content strategist. Product pornographer. Member of the Detroit diaspora. www.michaelsemer.com

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