Life is all about systems. There are governmental systems, societal systems, and our own life systems that we create for ourselves.

We operate within each one of them — the SYSTEMS that we value the most are our own, and have likely been heavily influenced by our societal systems. We could even take this further, and say that our societal systems are heavily influenced by governmental systems, which in turn are heavily influenced by the world system, and so on and so forth.

Well what happens when systems don’t positively serve you? The government system doesn’t really serve the middle class, societal systems don’t necessarily serve those who no longer “fit” the status quo, and our own systems don’t serve us when when they are outdated and can be refuted, i.e. no snitching — but then someone you love gets shot in front of your face by someone you know (are you telling?). Or how about when your best friend breaks up with someone who you regard as a good person, and then they show interest in you a few years later (are you going to date them?) While these may be extreme circumstances, these type of hints happen, and when you act on these decisions, your personal systems come into play.

We all come to a point when most of our systems no longer serve us positively, and one of the hardest things to do is change our system — even if it is for the best.

Stay the same or evolve — this is the question, is it not? It can be a tormenting decision, but I’m here to remind you to have faith. You can’t be the best you if you’re stuck with a past view. Either evolve, progress, and change or remain the same in torment.

It’s that simple.