5 Differences Between Spiritual Sex And Regular Sex

By Higher Perspective, 02/23/2016

There is no shame involved.

When your sex with your chosen partner is spiritual, there is no shame. All too often, people feel guilt and shame with sex. When it’s spiritual, it’s understood that it’s not just fun, but a deep experience too.

It’s a divine union.

Spiritual sex is a divine coming together of two individuals as one for a time. Our auras intertwine and it’s a lot more than trying to reach the end as fast as you can. No, spiritual sex is truly a divine union between two people.

You’re consciously aware of one another.

Hookups are a lot more like using one another’s bodies for your own personal satisfaction. When you have spiritual sex, it’s hard to know where you end and they begin. It’s as if you can sense every part of their bodies as if it were a part of yours.

Your spirits intertwine.

Even after the spiritual sex has ended, your spirits are still intertwined with one another. It’s a permanent thing. You take a big of their spirit and they take a bit of yours. In many ways, it’s as if there is no longer one.

After, you feel centered.

It’s almost like a meditation — after the spiritual sex has come to an end, you feel stronger, more level-headed, and centered.

Originally published at www.lovehaswon.org.