5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ Dissolving The Stories

By L’Aura Pleiadian, 01/28/2016

A Huge part of what you may refer to as your existence in a form on Planet Earth, is made up of aspects of consciousness, that you have identified with as your stories. The “this and that has happened or happening. Most of the stories, you have told yourself, are connected to the pain you have felt or experienced, which are the results of the belief in the story has been real. I am not challenging the realness of the experience of pain, I know all too well, the madness and craziness of attachment, and then its appeared separation. What I am speaking to you about, as I write, is “what you have told” yourself about the experiences. Those are the “stories” I am referring to.

The “you” that lost this or that. The you, that “had” this or that. The “you” that exists, within the story, and stories, you have told yourself.

For a few minutes, to suspend any thoughts about what you are reading, here. Take a few slow deep breaths. Feel your heart beating, within you. Feel the peace.

Now, what if, all of your identification, to all that you experience as pain, and your wants, and needs, are only those stories. As an example, your life was better when..(you fill in the blank) so now I must have this or that, so the story may live and continue. Now, what if your life and your stories, are JUST THAT. Stories you have told yourself, as the result of your response to a situation or event, that you “thought” about while not being present in your awareness with the moment. As in, just Being Present. What if all that you built around, upon, your story, was ONLY your response. And that if, you removed the stories, you would suddenly, FREE UP lots of space, within your Consciousness. To no longer react as part of the story and instead, be Present, with what is.

Dissolving the stories, frees up so much space within your consciousness, that an immediate sense of freedom, is experienced. A Letting GO of an Identity, (the ego) that you have built upon and around, the thoughts of your experiences. The story, being, the identity based on thoughts, that have only served to keep the story going. To keep the identity to your stories (the ego) what keeps you chained, so to speak, to situations, where you are less than empowered, to KNOW yourself, to BE WHAT you are, at the eternal Being. That knows no stories. That simply IS.

You still have a unique personality, this isn’t the letting go, of HOW you ARE. Being free from your stories, empowers you to BE that Fullness of You. That is free from any past subconscious conditioning, that acts, responds and reacts, based on those old repetitive stories, and the themes they have represented to Your consciousness, as, this is the way it is. This is how life is to me.

Breaking free, is breaking free.

It is as if, all of your old consciousness, has vanished, and you begin ANEW.

Free from the experience of the ego, and the ways of thinking, that imprison the stories you tell yourself. Free from any ideas of how this should look or be. Free from any thoughts, of I need this to be like this or that, to be happy.

This OPENS the Floodgates of JOY ~ to BE the way you experience LIFE how it truly is, in the moment to moment, Being, of who you are eternally. The Master within you. The Wholeness within you, that has matured enough, to recognize, the stories, served to keep you small. NOW you will accept, being the YOU in the FULL Power of YOU. The You that is not limited to past conditioning through the stories you have told yourself about yourself and your life.

The repetitive stories, you may not recognize as existing within you, and all the space they take up in your subconscious mind.

The stories function and thrive on your fears. Through the fears, is the attempt at preventing the story, from happening again. ANY identification with the story, is what keeps it alive, within your subconscious mind.

Begin to notice your stories, especially the ones you tell yourself, about being hurt, about being taken advantage of, about how life is so unfair. About, if only. About, when this or that happens. THOSE are the traps of the ego stories, that by your identifying with them AS YOU, KEEPS you in the PAIN of it all. The being the helpless victim of it all. The endless battle of it all, you with you.

Shedding your stories, is akin to shedding your skin, and arising from the ashes, into the newness of the YOU, that funny as it is, already, exists. It is the you that wakes up to the freedom of YOU. No longer subservient, to a story, the ego thoughts, had you to believe, WAS YOU.

You are not your pain, you are not your accomplishments, or the lack thereof. You are NOT your emotions, You are not your thoughts. MOVE beyond the being tossed here and there, by the experiences. INSTEAD awaken and observe, that you are the observer of it all. The One who watches the dream, asleep and awake, all along. The ONE who isn’t lost in the story, but awakens, to the truth of it all.

You are the observer. Your Presence observes in all moments, whether you realize this or not. IDENTIFY with that. Release all stories. Observe how you believed in the stories. Observe how they are just that. Observe how you are the Presence that is always Present. Even if you forget. You ALWAYS ARE. This in your freedom and return to your aware wholeness is the freedom where you exist consciously as your Eternal Power, your Love, your Presence, All That you Are. Breathe deeply and receive. The Light that shines in all darkness. The Light, that Always Is.

Eternal Love and Bliss!

Originally published at www.lovehaswon.org.