5th Dimensional Consciousness ~ Practising Being Presence

By L’Aura Pleiadian

Harmonizing within you all of your Bodies, including your subconscious, conscious and super conscious minds, allows the space, within you, to be unified and whole, in your awareness. That which appears hidden, your subconscious and superconscious awareness, is Not, and is constantly, feeding you, guiding you, and influencing all that you do, from moment to moment.

When we gain the awareness of this, and consciously choose to function through this inherent harmony within, we master the wholeness of Being. The attention placed on the wholeness, rather than the lack, becomes the way we are fully integrated, as the Beings we are, and were created to Be.

Being Human has lost some of its awareness of its Glory. That is only because the external playing ground, so to speak, has become the filtered consciousness, of an asleep paradigm based on perceived and believed limitation.

How we practise this Presence, is the way we enter the playing field, consciously, of a paradigm, that truly is our home in the first place. Because we forgot, and placed attention elsewhere, does not mean, it does not already exist, within us. It does. This is why we can dream of a better reality, a Heaven on Earth, because it already exists.

When we apply our everyday consciousness, with the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness (love) we experience some changes, that we desire. Yet, part of this trinity, within, this wholeness, within us, includes the subconscious, the Inner child and the superconscious us, our Higher self, the limitless self. Again these are just words and titles, that only point to the experience.

Imagine, if you would, a trinity made up of a pillar of Light. Together all the parts, are the whole you. This whole you, I like to call the magical self. The reason I say magical self, is it is the you, that includes your Child like Being, your God Like Being, and the you, that exists in day-to-day life.

Now practising Being this Presence, includes a conscious application and focus, of not only on the application of Unconditional Love (the Higher Self You, 5th Dimensional Consciousness) but also on the FEELING nature You, the Playful You, your Inner Child.

When we unite, the Child within, with the Love of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, throughout our Day, consciously, moment to moment (the inner child knows only moment to moment) we become the wholeness, the magic, the beauty of our eternal, whole selves. WE live without limitation. Limitations vanish.

We know we are giving space for our inner child, when we lose track of time, when we are doing those things we love so much, we are not even aware of time. Each inner child is unique, and Knows and Desires to Play.

So many of you are applying now, 5th Dimensional love and acceptance, to all that arises. Now I am asking you to take this practise even deeper now, and Play daily. Allow room for the inner child to express itself and play. This inner child may be shy. Be very gentle as you begin to show love, through honouring your inner child, for the power of this aspect of you, to come to life, so to speak, in your life, in Union with the Divine you, and the everyday you. So begin here. Find something daily, you just want to do that is fun. That is joyful, that when you do it, time disappears.

And watch within you, great magic unfold. Apply love to all that arises. Encourage the child within to arise and play within you. This is applying love to the child within.

When you love all aspects of the trinity, that you are (subconscious inner child, conscious every day self, superconscious higher self) within you and you experience Union through this love, then you have entered Heaven on Earth. More soon on the uniting of all this, within you. For now add the space (daily) for your inner child to be loved, and to emerge, so that the magical You, enters the world of your greatest Dreams come true. Because you Are ~ already, the Dream come true. You are waking up to this truth.

Your Presence is the Magical You. This is your Union, your mastery.

Practise Being Your Presence. Loving all that arises and encouraging all to arise, that appears as dormant with you. The Union of all that you already Are. The Glory of this, is so Great. This is the revealing. You to You, what you have waited to experience.

Eternal Love and Bliss!

Originally published at www.lovehaswon.org.