Accessing The New World ~ On The Cusp of Eternal Freedom & Union

You are standing on the cusp between freedom and the old world created by limiting thought. You know deep inside all that is waiting for you. And you know, also, that all you must do is claim it. But to claim it, beloved ones, you must believe in your heart. You must recognize your own divine nature. You must allow yourself to see in the heart’s mirror, to look to Me for your identity and your truth. Once seen, beloved ones, you must claim it, again, and again and again, if need be, until you live the truth of your limitless Love, your eternal freedom and your union with Me; until every heartbeat and every breath is the affirmation of All-That-Is. All-That-Is Real, All-That-Is alive, All-That-Is magnificent and beautiful, All-That-Is created by Love and only Love. As you see, and feel and know the Reality of God, this Reality will effortlessly come into view, and with it, everything that Love gives. Everything your heart knows and makes available will land at your feet, fill your hands, become your laughter and your joy, and fill your consciousness with gratitude that is never-ending