An Open Letter to All Seekers on The Path of Light

So many of us are searching for something we feel is missing or broken, thinking we won’t be happy and whole until we find it. We struggle to feel content no matter what we are doing, who we are with, or what we’ve accomplished. So we pay for something, hoping and praying it will connect us to some “absolute truth.” Seekers — I see you. You’re not lost. You’re definitely not alone. You’re not broken, or empty, or wrong. You just are. You’re looking. And that’s okay. Honestly, for years I was in the same position. I looked in every crevasse of the human experience to find some universal truth in my existence. It was the classic existential crisis: Why am I here? Who am I? There is one universal truth I’ve learned through all of this, and I wish I could tell every seeker on the planet