Archangel Raphael ~ Let The Light Shine Out From Your Hearts, Ascend With Mother Earth

You who are aware have a responsibility to wake up those that are unaware. It is true for the whole of humanity that they should have the opportunity to wake up and ascend with Mother Earth — the planet that has become their home during so many thousands of years. It is by shining with your own light that you can ignite the light in others — attract the hearts and the flickering flame will grow larger and larger. This is when you take each other by the hand and start your new journey on Earth. This time it will be a journey of light, where everything on Earth will find its rightful place in light and love. Let your heart be what guides your actions. Listen to the beautiful and loving voice inside you and you will be led to the New Earth. Let the light shine out from your hearts and let them ignite the remaining flickering flames so that you all can wander home to the light.