August Will Finally Rejuvenate Our Inspiration and Bring Warmth & Relief

In August, when the eclipses in Leo and Aquarius occur, they will make positive aspects to the planet of thinking, sparks of inspiration, ideas, activism, ect: Uranus. Not only will they positively aspect the planet of thinking and learning, but Leo and Aquarius are the signs of creation as is: Leo is about creation, skills, arts, the Sun, music, and life as a whole: Aquarius is the sign of Uranus, of thinking, learning, ect. For once, we will have a month of better energy. First it will start off calm and uneventful: then the first eclipse a week and a half into August will intensify feelings of warmth and general good energy in the air. Deep heart and empathy (Venus in Cancer), calm and reserved thinking (Mercury in Virgo), warmth and good spirit (Sun and Mars in Leo), and other factors are sure to make this month relieving.