Capricorn Full Moon, July 2017 ~ Transformation, Intensity, Power

At this Capricorn Full Moon we have Pluto (the planet of transformation, intensity, power) sitting right with the Full Moon it’s self, and Mars (warrior, action, Passion, Pioneer) sitting right with the Cancer Sun! The Full Moon (Sun/Moon), because of Pluto sitting with it….has now been pulled into the Cardinal Grand Cross! This is a lot of energies that could bring about power struggles, good and not so good, in all areas! This includes relationships of all kinds including Political and World Wide! All Cardinal Grand Cross’s are intense. This Cardinal Grand Cross is very powerful and could become volatile if not handled in the highest way. The planets involved are Pluto/Moon… Jupiter….Uranus/Eris….Sun/Mars Wow…and which continues to put us on the path of accelerated Evolution!