Energies of December ~ A Cosmic Era of Truth and Harmony Begins

We are about to end a very intense phase of our soul’s evolutionary journey as well as a 10 year cycle, as we approach December and keep traversing the threshold, that will lead us into a new cycle. We end December with a vision of what this New Year will mean for the ascending souls, for December is a 22 Universal month. This is a master number called: The Master Builder, for it is with this frequency that we begin to construct secure foundations within and in our physical lives. If we end a 3 Universal month — November — that was meant to help us co-create and bring something new into the world, now we are invited to secure our creations, so they grow strong and limitless. The main essence of this master number 22 is one of being fully anchored within our earthly realm so we can be able to descend this same strength, security and strong pillars within our dense plane. As a continuation of our self-mastery journey, the New Year in which we are about to enter also holds a master frequency. For 2018 is an 11 Universal Year


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