Energy Shift Update ~ Christ Consciousness Activating Heart, Body, Spirit

This has accelerated the shift so that those beginning do not have to take years to integrate like we have, it will be much faster now. The false net around Earth has been lifted, and the density lifted with it. This has further lifted the veil for all to see with new eyes. Through this, you felt the shift come in like a massive wave of “Love Energy” three days ago on the heels of a solar flare. This wave brought healing in Heart, body spirit to activate your Christ Consciousness within (merkabah) light body now! For your key codes to be unlocked. For your Metaphysical abilities to come back online. And for your DNA to continue upgrading, and integrating for you to remember your multidimensional capabilities. For your chakra pillar to be one stream of white light flowing from pure Divine cosmic energy (God/Source.) There is much more, but this is all I’m being asked by my Guides to share now.