Energy Surge Happening Now!

By Molly McCord, 03/20/2016

We are in the depths of an intense surge of new energy pushing, pushing, pushing us forward into uncharted territory. Can you feel it? On every level there is a momentum circulating that is beyond what I’ve felt in the past few years. This forward energy is very welcomed! But it’s a bit overwhelming at times too…breathe in, breathe out.

I’m feeling the energy mostly in my heart, a sort of quickening at the soul level that is encouraging us to live our dreams and go for it now. We are entering a new phase of true courage and growth. The opportunities will be there if we are willing to meet them (I’m ready, I’m ready!). A lot can happen unexpectedly and joyfully, especially if you’ve been one of the souls devoted to self-mastery and personal growth in recent years.

As new opportunities unfold, it’s equally important to put roots down for balance. Trees have roots that equal the size of their branches to ensure they stay grounded. If we don’t balance with our own roots, we are likely to get caught up and fly away in the winds in the gusts. Grounding is essential during these intense times, and it can be done in many ways. Exercise is one of the best forms of grounding because it requires the physical body to touch the earth with a pumping heart. Moving the energy through us helps release anxiety, stress, doubts, and many things the Ego can conjure up. Not to mention all the goodness those exercise endorphins create as a result of moving, moving, moving!

Are you a meditator? I have come to love it, but only because I’ve made an effort to improve my practice over the past few years. I’m not a natural meditator (it’s hard to not think… when you’re trying not to think…), so I created a designated space in my house to feel “in the mood.” I have a special (soft!) teal chair that allows me to ground my feet and mind comfortably, and it sits in nice proximity to natural light. Even if I sit for just 5 minutes and do some easy visualizations of white light surrounding me, I feel instantly rejuvenated and peaceful. I receive some of my best ideas during and after meditation, so that is often an incentive when I’m feeling too busy to just stop. Silence is one of my favorite states.

It’s likely that this hurried pace will continue through the end of summer and into the rest of the year. We will be moving into new dreams and new areas of heart expression that have previously been just beyond reach…and now finally within Divine grasp. So you can see why I was inspired to take the above picture! If “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”… what is coming up quickly and eagerly for you? Are you ready for a new ride to unfold? It’s all happening now…

To help you embrace silence during energy surges, here’s an article I wrote awhile ago about how to meditate in real life — OM on the GO: Five Meditation Places for your Real Life.

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