Energy Update: Energetic Storm Ahead

By April Bender, 04/06/2016

As you have correctly guessed, the latest energy induction portal is bringing in some rather powerful higher energies/frequencies which serve to further catalyze, link and synergize new configurations of space, time, matter and light consciousness, at all levels. It is this massive movement and reorganization at all levels which creates the internal sense of “energetic storming” or a massive gravitational vortex opening. As a result, you may feel as if a great deal of energy, light, and/or information is swirling around within and outside of you — and indeed it is.

As the new light codes and harmonics begin to assimilate within current energetic streams, patterns and structures you’ll begin to notice an even greater transparency between worlds and/or across dimensions as the unification and reclamationprocesses deepen. Already there have been many accounts and images shared via social and alternative media over this last year displaying mysterious “pillars of light” and/or “cities of light” seemingly visible from another place, time, or dimension. These accounts will only become more frequent and more pronounced as the year moves forward.

With each active portal or energy wave/induction, higher and purer forms of light consciousness are able to enter your physical realm and catalyze the further ascension, healing and restoration (in many ways) of the planetary/human experience. While these inductions have been happening for quite some time, they are now beginning to reach a critical threshold — as the coalescence of such energies over time (including light codes disseminated/emitted by masters/lightworkers) has served to substantially break down the veils or separation between worlds (both individual/collective and inner/outer worlds).

This is why in our previous discussion we touched on the need for reaching out to and communing/allying with other orders of life (seen and unseen), because 1) the conditions are optimal for doing so; (2) the act itself would greatly benefit individual parties as well as the whole and (3) in preparation for what is yet to come later this year and next year.

As more and more powerful light/energy waves bombard the Earth and your local system — it will soon become inevitable that larger earthquakes and other massive planetary shifts (magnetic, etc.) will need to take place (on top of crumbling/failing systems and the confrontation of the collective shadow). When you have that much light energy entering your sphere, at some point the earth’s grids and plates need to shift to accommodate it (as do other spheres of life connected to the Earth). In essence, the Earth is ascending and expanding with each energy/light wave induction or portal opening. Earth/Gaia also needs to cleanse and heal herself so this overall effect serves multiple purposes.

Another purpose for the earthquakes and overall shifts has to do with the reconfiguration of energetic structures/zones and/or toroidal fields. Pockets of “protected zones” will be a natural outcome of such energetic inductions, shifts and reconfigurations. These safe zones will provide protection for the masses against some of the more tumultuous shifts/changes, and many cities of light are already coming online to service these zones.

In general, you have seen this sort of activity play out in recent years but what is on tap for the next two years will be unlike anything humanity has experienced — at least in recent time/memory. These are exciting times indeed though it can be hard to feel excited, especially when in the midst of such a colossal portal opening. But rest assured in the days to come, the dust will settle, and you will find yourself once again on new shores.

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