Energy Update ~ Time to Remember Who We Are

This is a very important time as we head into the August timeline split. We are being challenged in so many ways to be our most authentic self and to leave all our “stuff” behind. Think of it as a radio dial of frequencies. Before the stations were next to one another, just one number (frequency) up or down. We could seamlessly go from 95.1 to 96.4 and 97.7 with just simple tactics and tools. Now as the frequencies have separated and are continuing to separate the stations (frequencies) are no longer close. Instead of radio stations side by side, they are further apart 95.1 to 100.7 to 106.5. For some our embodied energy will act as a catalyst, a spark to help awaken, for others it will simply plant a seed that will grow when the person is ready. Some will come in contact with our energy and it will cause deep discomfort within them and they may react by lashing out, yet this too plants seeds.