Final Event Energies Update 7~17~17: It’s Catapult Time!

Greetings Love Beings, July’s intensity of energies, Wowzers! I feel our current energies are preparing us for a Highly impactful August. In July of 2007 we had a series of events begin occurring , I feel we have arrived full circle and its Catapult time, just like it was then! Yipee! We will have many more updates about these energies towards the end of July and into August. Meditation has become key in these energies. We are receiving many reports of intense transformations, unexpected changes, increased miracles. and on the flip end, the egos flipping out. We also have interesting events coming from the sun to really amp things up for us. The Planets alignments this month are creating triggers as more and more must release the old energies. Surrendering is key. Also, Happy 10th Anniversary of the First Fire The Grid Event!