Focus Your Energy on What You Are Here to BE ~ Love

By Lisa Brown, 08/31/2016

Not everyone is going to appreciate you (yet) and all that you do here. That’s okay, for it not your lack, unworthiness, inability to understand. Yours is to focus you energy on what you are here to BE, DO, Share… HOW you are to affect all, reach all and DO it… and stop worrying. Trust YOUR Universe (YOU)….

If you stay focused and ALLOW all who DO appreciate and value their own SOUL, then those seeking/doing will find you.

Worthiness = Value

This is a process of understanding that if we feel unworthy, we won’t invest in our selves, we won’t make ourselves a priority… until we do. This is a complete overhaul of our value system, where WE come to appreciate all from a deeply profound sacred place inside again. WE step up, we support, we honor, we do.

WE choose our own realities…. and we allow everyone to choose their own for them. Everyone is doing their journey perfectly… REMEMBER this…. You be the Light, the Power, the Love…

If you are visible, sharing, making a difference, touching all through light, activating souls, opening hearts, empowering others… you cannot not receive…

The amount of energy that you put into all, from a place of PURE LOVE (not lack)…this is what brings forth all to you… Your generosity, your actions, your vibration, your focused intentional creative energy…..

Human aspects do not appreciate (or care) until it affects their own reality world. Much of the time it’s when they have no other options anymore, which is where the desperation comes in. It’s also where the anger, resentment, hate (deep inner hurt) and need to lash out comes from too. Where you understand this, it will not affect you. If it does, then it’s your judgment and where you are not sure inside yet.

Everyone of us have to go through this. It’s part of the reason for the de-construction phase. What is truly important changes… OUR SOUL COMES FIRST, instead of continual compromise, suppression and ignoring what it’s trying to show us, communicate to us… in a multitude of ways….

Stay on your own path… let everyone choose their own. Let everyone have their chosen experiences… It’s what “teaches” us all. This is a most important part of the REMEMBERING process and opening the heart up fully to return to unity, peace, magic and love.

All who are DOING higher consciousness realities… we are injoying and creating magnificent experiences for everyone who’s also stepping up and truly committed/dedicated to their own journey.

WE teach, share, expose all to “how” all works here. Each chooses how they desire to “get it’. Through an open heart listening and honoring or a closed heart that still needs to be opened… whatever it takes…. These are the vibrations we are in now….

We are in some huge times… that are going to shake realities to their core… blow everything wide open, for everyone…. See the bigger picture from your own higher consciousness perspectives. Experiences for each are dictated by openness or resistance…. stepping up or waiting until desperation gets the heart open so that the soul can come through.

I love you. LightKeepers hold your gridpoint in place. You shall be the focal point for many as these COSMIC STORMS stir it all up.

What you “wish” for others, you wish for yourself. All is VIBRATIONAL CREATION. Transmit infinite love, gratitude, respect, kindness, and abundance of all things magnificent out from your heart and entire being. This is what you are calling forth for you…. when you do this for all as one again. What YOU DO CREATES… the same vibrational response.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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