Full Moon in Aquarius, August 7th 2017 ~ Metamorphic Turning Point With INTENSE Energy

Most astrologers seem to agree on the fact that the month of August 2017 looks remarkably intense. Intense as in ‘shaky’, ‘metamorphic’, perhaps ‘life-altering’: for some of us, it might even mark a prominent demarcation, a point of no-return to certain things and situations that have outlived their usefulness. An Eclipse is a wildcard — a game changer, which packs a stronger energetic punch compared to an “average” New or Full Moon. It is, indeed, a New or Full Moon on steroids. This transformational energy goes hand in hand with Aquarius’ reputation as the social agitator of the Zodiac. The amphora of the restless, forward-looking Water Bearer is a perfect vessel for the powerful metamorphosis induced by this special plenilune; it’s almost as Aquarius is to eclipses what conductors are to electricity (the latter being unsurprisingly ruled by Uranus)


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