Full Moon in Gemini, December 3rd, 2017 ~ Everything Brought to The Light

A Power packed Full Moon that begins with Mercury Stationing Retrograde. A powerful influence (frequency activation of consciousness) is Jupiter trine Neptune. And of course Sun Opposite Moon. An emotional Activation, of what is within, to be brought to the LIGHT of consciousness. The Subconscious, becoming conscious. The dissolving of the program, once termed MASS consciousness is well under way. Now the consequences of this shift is showing up big time. That is, what we see is the dismantling. The death of the old way. As it truly is gone. Now the New appears as the New Reality. When all along, it always existed. These states of consciousness are LIGHT Frequencies, that you are constantly responding to. Based on your own individual Blueprint. Being activated or deactivated. As memory CHARGES become ignited or shut off.


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